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One of the advantages of using reeds for roofing

is that their glossy and slightly oily surface repels rain,

which runs down along the reeds. 
As a result of their tubular structure,

reeds also function as insulation

because of the air trapped inside; thus adding 
another role in their use for shelters. 
When their role is finally complete,

they return to the earth as fertilizer. 
That process has been continuously

repeated throughout history. 
Thatching is an endangered tradition,

yet in shrines, temples,

and cultural properties it is still

preserved as a living form 
enriching our lives in this ever-changing world. 

Higo-kaya Thatched Roof Construction Company



Tsuyoshi Ogawa 

Brief Biography of Tsuyoshi Ogawa 


Born in Kyoto 


Engaged in thatching work with Tsurugaoka Construction in Miyama


Moved to Kumamoto 


Founded Higo-kaya Thatched Roof Construction Company

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